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My Green Day story :)

25. srpna 2012 v 13:39 | CarolineWright |  Amaryllis Wright #
Můj příspěvek do soutěže o triko s Green Day na blogu o Magnumky :) Můžete se připojit ZDE. Omlouvám se za chyby,ale příběh to má x)
My GREEN DAY story
Once upon a time, there was a guy called St. Jimmy. Destiny wasn't nice to him in the past. It has never said welcome to paradise. He was just a brat. His mother died in 80'and his father kicked him out of home because of his dependences. He should tell tales about his broken home (Another tales of broken home). Sex, drugs & rock and roll - that was his life in a short. It was nearly ruined. And he shouldn't nothing take back…
One night he took his dose of pot and walked this empty streets (Boulevard of broken dreams) in Murder City. He was so high, that he started sing some panic song. Cops standing near heard him. Jimmy totally pissed them off. Cops caught Jimmy and close him to a country jail. Jimmy was so wrong so he fell on the cold floor and fell asleep. When he woke up, he saw something in the corner of the jail. It was a person. A girl. Dark hair, black eyes, dark make-up, damaged black clothes, spiteful grin in a face. ,,She's a kind of rebel or what", thought Jimmy. ,,Haushinka.", said she. ,,I'm St. Jimmy…" ,,I know people like you… Walking alone the streets…. Nobody likes you…right?" ,,Maybe… I don't care", said Jimmy. ,,Why are you here?" asked Haushinka. No reply. ,,Don't wanna talk? Never mind. I'll talk to you." All day, all night she was talking about herself. About her childhood, dead parents, some bullying she did at high school - once she and her friends throw a little boy through the basket case -, and about her little robbery, which got her here. Jimmy understood her. And Haushinka understood Jimmy like no one. She didn't know nothing about him , but it didn't matter. There was a hearts collide between them. ,,I knew you Jimmy. You don't know how much. I think I love you." Jimmy felt something like restless heart syndrome inside. When he was a teen, he dreamed about rock and roll girlfriend like Haushinka. But he didn't want to confess it to himself. After few weeks they went from the jail. ,,Goodbye Saint Jimmy. A few meters from here is Christie Road. There's an old gas station. There you could find me", said Haushinka and kissed him goodbye. Jimmy stood here, watching her leaving.
For a month he was thinking. Than he woke up. He must find her. He must say he loves her! There was a few people near the gas station. ,,Hey", he said to one guy, ,,When I come around, I always see the people here. I wanna join you!" ,,Really?" ,,Oh…No.. That was one of my lies… I'm looking for a girl called Haushinka. I need to say I love her!" ,,Oh, you're St. Jimmy right? Dude, It's hard for me to say… She's dead… " Painful attack raised through Jimmy's body. ,,She left here a letter for you." The guy took Jimmy at the place, where were Haushinka's clothes and stuff. Paper lanterns all around. Jimmy took the letter and left. After few days he opened it: ,,I was thinking about you right till the end. You know, when you see the light, you just have to go. Are we the waiting? For something better? When something ends, something better always begins. We met. We lost each other. But we'll meet again. Surely! I hope that in the jail did you have the time of your life, 'cause I did. Rage and love (JOS). Haushinka xxx". Jimmy lift the letter, took hand knife from his pocket, and they met again…
Wrote by Amaryllis Wright #, 24/25.8.2012

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